Among the Giants is a project from RAW Cycling Magazine, where cycling and adventures, satisfaction and personal growth, nature and culture get together.

It’s a journey where fifteen guests have the opportunity to share an unforgettable cycling adventure. They go through impressive mountain passes, discover empty roads surrounded by nature and astonishing landscapes. They breathe fresh air and enjoy the freedom that we all love, and finally that pleasure of reaching the summit of a new climb.

Cycling provides us with that magic to generate unique moments on the bike, generate synergies, leave socio-cultural differences behind, make new friendships, and make the most of these cycling experiences. And all that while enjoying what’s to discover a new country.

No doubt for us, Among the Giants is one of our favorite projects, not just because of the trip itself but also for the satisfaction that it gives us to share these magical moments with the members in every edition. But above all, it is about having the chance to bond with strangers with a common passion for cycling.

· Among The Giants team ·