A new adventure will come in 2022

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What are we?

What are we?

Among the Giants is a new concept of a trip, organized by Raw Cycling Magazine, where influential cyclist, top-level brands and relevant media creators get together in an incomparable setting to create a story about anything related to cycling, like the suffering, the ambition, waking up when the sun rises or the multiple coffees during the day.

What do we offer?


A closely examined selection of 15 characters with an important relevance in the cycling world (designers, journalists, brand ambassadors...)

Top quality content

Brazo de Hierro is an experienced and recognized photographer in cycling. After three intense days with him, attendees will be able to show to the public the lived story from the inside.


This is a task for RAW Cycling Magazine, who will be in charge of covering the media side of the project during those days through the publication of the content on the magazine and social networks.








What about next edition?

Right now we are working on the fourth edition of this amazing project. Obviously, the next destination will be again an epic place to practice cycling and we promise that we will work hard to create a new unforgettable adventure full of challenging cycling passes, nature and, for sure, Giants.

What about next edition?

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